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1551 «b»WATERFALL«/b» Phoebe Jane of 2 Masson-view Farley-hill Darley Dale «b»Derbyshire«/b» spinster died 29 March 1951 Probate «b»Nottingham«/b» 25 April [1951] to Edith Florrie Waterfall spinster. Effects £1161 18s. 9d. WATERFALL Phoebe Jane (I808)
1552 «b»WATERFALL«/b» Phoebe of Star Cottage Two Dales «b»Derbyshire«/b» spinster died 6 January 1921 Probate «b»Derby«/b» 28 January [1921] to George Twigg stone merchant and Phoebe Jane Cotterill spinster. Effects £478 10s. WATERFALL Phebe (I785)
1553 «b»WATERFALL«/b» sir Charles Francis, otherwise sir Francis C.S.I. C.I.E. of Brookfield House Colyton «b»Devonshire«/b» knight died 23 October 1954 Probate «b»Exeter«/b» 14 March [1955] to Jean Bovett (wife of Robert Bovett) Helen Louise Roberts (wife of John Emrys Ffoulks Roberts) Ruth Howard (wife of Henry James Slater Howard) and Charles Richard Waterfall, ship builder. Effects: £17854 3s 5d Sir WATERFALL Charles Francis (I1175)
1554 «b»WATERFALL«/b» Thomas Cottrell of 39 Becksitch-lane Belper «b»Derbyshire«/b» died 30 December 1956 Probate «b»London«/b» 20 May [1957] to Lloyds Bank limited and Thomas Waterfall borough engineer. Effects £3324 1s. 2d. WATERFALL Thomas Cottrell (I876)
1555 «b»WATERFALL«/b» Thomas of the Red house-farm Mappleton Derbyshire farmer died 20 September 1901 Administration «b»London«/b» 29 November [1901] to Hannah Waterfall widow Effects £1115 19s. 11d. WATERFALL Thomas (I859)
1556 «b»Waterfall«/b» Tom Gibson of 1 Sadler-street Mansfield «b»Nottinghamshire«/b» died 24 September 1951 at Ransom Sanatorium Rainworth near Mansfield Probate «b»London«/b» 15 January 1952 to Maud Waterfall widow Reginald Waterfall plumber and Albert Raynor grocery stores manager. Effects £2335 16s 4d. WATERFALL Tom Gibson (I249)
1557 «b»WATERFALL«/b» William Joseph of "Two Dales" Darley Dale Derbyshire cab-proprietor died 1 October 1900 at Chesterfield Derbyshire Administration «b»Derby«/b» 27 November [1900] to Frederick William Waterfall butcher. Effects £61 14s. 9d. WATERFALL William Joseph (I788)
1558 «b»WATERFALL«/b» William of Barton Knoll Belper Derbyshire coal-higgler died 30 December 1904 Probate «b»Derby«/b» 21 July to Thomas Spencer coal-miner Effects £30 5s. WATERFALL William (I4)
1559 «b»WATERFALL«/b» William Osmond of Hall Farm Two Dales «b»Derbyshire«/b» died 4 February 1939 at Derbyshire Royal Infirmary Derby Administration «b»London«/b» 27 February 1939 to Catherine Waterfall widow. Effects £813 15s. 6d. WATERFALL William Osmond (I765)
1560 «b»WATERFALL«/b» William, 24 March.
The Will of William Waterfall late of Thorpe in the County of «b»Derby«/b» Farmer and Innkeeper deceased who died 1 February 1860 at Thorpe aforesaid was proved at «b»Derby«/b» by the oaths of Ann Waterfall and Edwin Moses Kidd of the Town of Nottingham in the County of Nottingham House Agent the Executors. Effects under £1,500. 
WATERFALL William (I175)

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